Portfolio Management

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Ark’s portfolio management platform empowers venture capital and private equity managers to harness their data for strategic decision-making, positioning them to confidently seize the next investment opportunity.

Bid good riddance to relying on intricate spreadsheets. With Ark you have a live, dynamic view of your investments, married up to your financial book of record, including:

Unified Source of Truth

Your investment, finance and investor relations teams are in unison. Tied into your financial book of record, your portfolio performance reporting is your single source of truth.

Aggregate Investment Insights

Consolidate your investment exposures and capital risk effectively in an always-current and comprehensive portfolio dashboard.

Informed Decision-Making

Access both realized and unrealized performance reporting with personalized views to help drive strategic investment decisions.

Historical and Comparative Reporting

Easily access any time-stamped view of your portfolio. Leverage standard performance and risk attributes, or configure your own, for instant clarity on where your portfolio stands today.

Key Features

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Tailored to Private Funds

Designed explicitly for the nuanced requirements of private capital fund managers, Ark enables precise portfolio management across diverse portfolios.

Dynamic SOI

An always up-to-date schedule of investments (SOI) firmly integrated directly into your financial book of record.

Investment Attribution

Monitor a wide array of standard or bespoke metrics, from exposure by industry and geography to investment partner, tailored to your fund's strategy.


Effortlessly pivot your investment schedule based on any attribute, ensuring it's current and up to date from your financial book of record.

One-Click Insights

Drill down into detailed views of any investment, capital transaction, or investment valuation with a single click.

Secure, Scalable Infrastructure

Built on a secure, cloud-based platform, Ark's Portfolio Management tool scales with your firm, ensuring reliable access to your data and insights, no matter the size of your portfolio or firm.


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