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Ark is tailored to empower fund managers in their quest to efficiently and securely increase assets under management. Discover the value of integrating Ark into your fundraising strategy and take the first step towards a more effective capital raising process.

Ark leverages advanced technology and industry expertise to transform fundraising, providing:

Efficient Capital Raising

Quickly and securely raise capital by sharing due diligence materials and managing information distribution to investors and prospects.

Streamlined Onboarding

Simplify and accelerate the investor onboarding process, allowing you to focus on building and nurturing lasting investor relationships.

Insightful Engagement Tracking

Gain valuable insights into investor interest levels with detailed reports on engagement, including document interactions and email notifications.

Robust Document Management

From watermarking to customizable document controls, ensure the secure and selective sharing of confidential fundraising materials.

Key Features

Orange Line

Built for Engagement

In a world of generic investor communications, Ark offers a personalized and interactive portal experience, driven by our deep understanding of the private capital ecosystem.

Seamless Document Management

Simplify the document exchange process with secure, organized, and easy-to-navigate digital rooms for pitch decks, due diligence materials, and legal documents.

Targeted Fundraising Campaigns

Create and manage targeted campaigns with tailored messaging and materials, ensuring you reach the right investors at the right time.

Investor Insights

Monitor and analyze how potential investors engage with your materials, offering strategic advantages in capital raising efforts.

Direct Email Notifications

Utilize intuitive email invitations with direct links to documents, customizable to reflect your fund's branding.

Automated Compliance

Never worry about audits again with automatic tools to track document history and maintain compliance.


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