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Experience unmatched transparency and engagement with Ark’s Investor Portal, designed for the forward-thinking venture capital and private equity capital manager.

Harnessing the power of innovative technology, Ark's Investor Portal redefines how you connect with your investors, offering:

Customizable Dashboard

Tailor the investor experience with a customizable dashboard that highlights key metrics, investment performance, and updates relevant to each Limited Partner.

Branded Experience

Brand the portal with your logo, color scheme, and login page linked to your firm’s website. Take it further by selecting your KPI performance measures and reporting layout.

Effortless Communication

Streamline contact updates, bank wire instructions, and quarterly reporting, significantly reducing ad-hoc inquiries from limited partners.

Enhanced Security

With SOC 2 Type II attestation and multi-factor authentication, rest assured all sensitive information is securely managed and accessed only by authorized parties.

Key Features

Green Line

Built for Engagement

In a world of generic investor communications, Ark offers a personalized and interactive portal experience, driven by our deep understanding of the private capital ecosystem.

Rapid Deployment

Benefit from same-day setup, including options for co-sourcing to best meet your operational needs. Easily tailor your preferred reporting formats without the need for costly customization or complex report writers.

Interactive Reporting

Transform static reports into interactive experiences, allowing investors to delve deeper into their investments for instant transparency and custom insights.

Seamless Communication

Ark enables direct and efficient communication between your firm and your limited partners, making it easy to broadcast updates, answer queries, and maintain a strong investor relationship.

Robust Document Management

An unlimited, easily navigable document repository ensures that important files are always at your investors' fingertips.

Advanced Security and Compliance

At the core of Ark's Investor Portal is a commitment to security and regulatory compliance, ensuring that investor data and communications are protected with state-of-the-art technology.


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