Fund Accounting

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Unlock unparalleled fund accounting excellence with Ark, engineered for the modern fund.

Leveraging groundbreaking innovation, Ark standardizes intricate industry workflows to deliver:

Real-Time Insights

Instant access to your financial data, enabling proactive fund management and decision-making.

Configurable Reporting

Tailored to meet your unique fund requirements, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance.

Automated Workflows

Automate key operational processes across your back and middle office from journal entries through investor reporting.

User-Centric Interface

Navigate with ease, Ark’s intuitive design makes fund management straightforward.

Key Features

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Built for Private Funds

With so many off-the-shelf accounting ledgers and tools to pick from, Ark offers an industry-specific solution for fund accountants guided by over 50 years of experience and expertise.

Push-button Financials

Ark transforms the production of your fund financial reporting from weeks to mere minutes, offering visibility with click-through, configurable, and easy to deliver fund reports.

Investor Reporting and Allocations

Navigate your quarterly investor reporting with unparalleled efficiency. Fully automate complex allocations and waterfalls in a familiar interface that includes standardized exports with Excel formulas for easy reconciliation.

Capital Calls Distributions

Originate, securely deliver, and track capital calls and distributions in an intuitive step-by-step process. Say goodbye to hours spent generating and distributing notices to your limited partners.

Bank Integration

Integrate with your fund bank account to automate bank reconciliations. Instantly verify your cash liquidity position and know with certainty who’s paid their call and who you’re waiting on.

Fund-Specific General Ledger

At the heart of arkGL is our pioneering integration of blockchain technology. Full audit trail can be cryptographically verified back to your immutable book of record, providing unmatched security and data integrity across your financial operations.


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